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I dont think many people realise the benefit of search engine optimisation and how many new customers they can get by getting their website properly set up. Whenever someone types in a search they are given a list of websites. These websites show up to help the person find what they are looking for. If you want your website to appear there then you need to understand what the search engines want and how to make your website worthy enough to be there.

If you show up on the first page of google for a major search term then you could be getting thousands of new visitors every month. The number is great but what is better is that they are looking for a specific search term which tells you what the visitor wants and how far along they are in their decision to make a purchase. For example a person will search for “property for sale”. This suggests that they are looking to buy a property but its still pretty broad and we cant yet assume if the person is ready to buy. However if a person is looking for “2 bedroom house for sale in [city name]” then this suggests they are closer to buying and they know exactly what they are looking for. Search terms help you to structure your website design around what the visitor is looking for. If you can can give them this then your website will probably rank better and will definately convert better.


The better your content the more people will be talking about it and the more natural links you will get. These links help to build your websites reputation and authority helping it to rank better on the search engines. Social links also help when people are talking about your business on facebook or twitter. To learn about how to get your rankings up and how to give the search engines what they love we recommend a company that does seo. Here is their page. The Best SEO johannesburg services

Here is a youtube video about how search engines work. Enjoy


Michael Tree is a brilliant wedding photographer. He has many weddings under his portfolio and his photos are fantastic. You can see his portfolio at wedding photographer johannesburg.


Wedding photography is not a easy job. If you think you can hire any wedding photographer and expect good photos then you will be disappointed. There is so much more to photography than having a fancy camera and taking some shots. Having the basics of photography is not enough. A professional photographer understands this and knows how to work with all the elements that form part of a perfect photo such as weather, light and angles. The photographer also needs be good with people and help them to understand how to pose to bring out the best possible result. Its also important that the people in the photograph are in there most natural state and that they include their most natural movements when being photographed.

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A professional photographer will have a portfolio they can show you so you can see the quality of their work. You can look at Michael’s Portfolio if you want to get a idea of what your photos should look like. Its also a good idea to get your photographer to take engagement photos so you can get a idea of what your wedding photos will look like if you hire that same photographer.


Something Old and Something New

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Although they are part of an age-old tradition, wedding dresses are not immune to the vagaries of fashion. The perfect image of a long, white gown in satin and lace may be iconic, but the styles many modern brides are choosing are often quite different. While traditionalists may rue the day that the white wedding gown is judged passé by contemporary women, they would do well to consider that this iconic style is, in itself, simply an extended trend.

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Queen Victoria of England deserves the credit for popularizing white dresses for brides. Previous to her wedding of 1840, brides dressed according to their social standing in their colors of choice. From the 1960s on, wedding styles generally reflected idealized romance with long, flowing skirts, pearls and lace.

In recent years, however, bridal styles are more eclectic and colorful. While many brides still select traditional wedding hues of white, ecru, ivory or eggshell, others are wearing pink, red, black or gold with glamorous accessories to match. Below are some of the most popular trends in contemporary wedding dresses.

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Wedding dresses Johannesburg

  1. Lace tattoos

Currently trending are gowns that give the illusion of lacy motifs against bare skin, particularly in the bodice area. Designers accomplish this trompe l’oeil effect by applying lace medallions on sheer backing that lets the bride’s natural beauty shine through.

  1. Corset bodices

Corset styling is quite popular as a trend and as a design feature that flatters. Typically, the corset bodice is strapless and has a sweetheart neckline. It may be fashioned from lace. Vertical lines or “stays” mimic foundation garment construction. A corset bodice highlights the bust while slenderizing the midriff.

  1. Bead embellishments

Beading and sequins are presently very prevalent in both formal fashions and bridal wear. They impart a rich, Victorian look that is both romantic and trendy. A sprinkling of sequins catches the cathedral light as the bride strolls along the aisle.

  1. Ruffles

Ruffles add volume, motion and soft style to wedding dresses. Vertical waves of gossamer ruffles along a belling skirt make the bride feel graceful and look beautiful. Ruffles grouped in sheer and solid layers create added dimension.